XI All-Russian Forum
Strategic Planning in the Regions and Cities of Russia

Countdown to the Forum


Vinokurov Evgeny,

Eurasian Development Bank. Director of the Centre for Integration Studies

Limonov Leonid,

ICSER Leontief Centre. Deputy Director General - Director-Coordinator for Research Programmes



Round Table
Interregional Cooperation Development: Impact of the Customs Union and the Formation of a Common Economic Space


The significance and relevance of the topic is justified by the current integration processes in the CIS, Customs Union of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, as well as by the transition to a Common Economic Space. At the political level those processes are associated with the foundation of the Eurasian commission. It is possible that one of the Commission directions shall support cross-border cooperation and the development of cross-border regions (similar to the EU Euroregions). Round table discussion will concentrate on the economic prerequisites for such cooperation, analysis of mutual trade dynamics, industrial cooperation and integration, mutual cross-border investment of the Common Economic Space. Thus, the main focus of the discussion will be on the development of trade and industrial cross-border relations between Russia and Kazakhstan (based on the joint research of the Center for Integration Studies of the Eurasian Development Bank and the Leontief Centre).


Analysis of Trade and Industrial Relations between Border Regions of Russia and Kazakhstan: Impact of Customs Union and Single Economic Space

Oding Nina, ICSER Leontief Centre. Head of Research Department

Influence of Customs Union and Common Economic Space on Trade and Industrial Relations between the Border Regions of Russia and Kazakhstan

Anisimov Andrey, Eurasian Development Bank. Head of Projects of the Centre for Integration Studies

Features of the Russian-Belarusian Border Region and their Influence on Prospects for Implementation of Interregional Cooperation Joint Projects

Barinov Sergey, National Research University Higher School of Economics. Scientist

Role of City in Eurasian Integration: Novosibirsk City Experience

Sannikov Sergey, Novosibirsk City Mayors Office. Chairman of the Committee on International Cooperation and Foreign Economic Relations