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State Corporation “Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs (Vnesheconombank)” was established in 2007 in conformity with Federal Law On Bank for Development” through a transformation of Bank for Foreign Economic Affairs of the USSR.
Bank for Development is one of the key instruments for implementing the state economic policy aimed at removing infrastructure restrictions that impede economic growth, enhancing efficient utilization of natural resources, developing high-tech industries, unleashing innovative and industrial potential of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and ensuring support for exports of industrial goods and services.
In its investment activities, Vnesheconombank gives priority to the following industries:
- aircraft industry and space and missile complex;
- shipbuilding;
- electronics;
- nuclear industry, inclusive of nuclear power;
- transport, special-purpose and power engineering industry;
- metallurgy (special steel production);
- wood-working industry;
- military-industrial complex;
- agro-industrial complex;
- strategic computer technologies and software;
- information and communication systems;
- medical equipment and pharmaceuticals.
Vnesheconombank participates in implementing projects that are of priority importance for the development of Russia’s economy, but which, for a number of reasons (huge volumes of investment resources required, complexity, long payback periods) experience resource shortage. Vnesheconombank delivers support for projects both through directly extended loans and credits, including project co-financing with other financial institutions, and by issuing guarantees and sureties.

Russian Agricultural Bank is the only 100% state-owned bank providing financial services to agribusiness and rural population of the Russian Federation. Established in 2000, today the Bank has become the universal commercial bank providing all kinds of banking products and services, and the main pillar of support for the national agribusiness.

Russian Agricultural Bank is number four among the largest Russian banks in terms of assets and is among the Top-3 most reliable banks of the Russian Federation*. The Bank’s network is the second largest regional branch network in the country with over 1600 points of sales. The Bank has four representative offices in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Azerbaijan. Russian Agricultural Bank’s ratings are quasi-sovereign and are of investment grade.


JSC "Metrostroy" is one of the leading construction companies in St. Petersburg. The organization was founded in 1941 and incorporates ten construction and assembly departments, a production plant for reinforced concrete structures, a concrete factory, a casting and mechanical plant and other enterprises that provide construction of underground tunnels, stations and other facilities.
JSC "Metrostroy" is distinguished among other construction companies in St. Petersburg by its own physical infrastructure, as well as qualified personnel, which accounts for about 5,000 persons. Since 1941 Metrostroy has built more than 112 km of tunnels and 67 stations of St. Petersburg metro. The company is currently developing a perspective direction of underground construction – micro-tunneling.
Metrostroy has been actively involved in major construction projects such as St. Petersburg Flood Protection Barrier (as of 2012 Metrostroy is the main operational contractor), the "Europe Embankment", the Leningrad NPP-2 (AES-2 in Sosnovyj Bor), the Mariinsky Theatre second stage. Metrostroy is actively participating in international tenders for construction of various underground facilities, but its special focus is on the mission to construct new subway stations in St. Petersburg.



01.12.2012 : 15 лет со дня принятия первого в России стратегического плана.

1 декабря 2012 г. исполнилось 15 лет со дня принятия первого в России стратегического плана.

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