XI All-Russian Forum
«Strategic Planning in the Regions and Cities of Russia»

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Chuguevskaya Elena,

Ministry for Regional Development of Russian Federation. Director of Department for Strategic Planning



Conference on Territorial Planning. Round Table 2
On the Process of Completion of Territorial Planning Documents System in Russia as Basis of Social and Economic Development


Topics for discussion:
- The entry into the limitations of urban development in the absence of land use planning documents for the reservation and the seizure of land, land for public use, transfer of land from one category to another, preparing planning documentation;
- Expected impact of the investment cycle to create objects of federal, regional and local importance, measures to prevent possible problems in the construction;
- Quality issues draft documents of territorial planning and integrating them with strategic planning documents;
- Measures to improve spatial planning in the Russian Federation.

Formation of the System of Territorial Planning in the Russian Federation

Chuguevskaya Elena, Ministry for Regional Development of Russian Federation. Director of Department for Strategic Planning

From the Election of the President of Russia’s Political Platform for Sustainable Spatial Development of the Country

Shchitinsky Vladimir, Russian State Institute of Urbanistics. Director

Meeting the Challenges of Spatial Planning in the Federal State Information System of Spatial Planning

Mordvinov Dmitry, Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation. Head of Information and Analytical Support for Strategic Development and Territorial Planning

General Scheme of Settlement in the Territory of the Russian Federation as a Necessary Part of the System of Territorial Planning Documents

Lebedinskaya Galina, FBGU «The Central Research and Design Institute on Town Planning». Scientific Secretary

Experience of Forming System of Territorial Planning Documents (for example, the Russian Federation)

Mityagin Sergey, Research and Design Institute of Urban Development. Main Architect

Urgency of Developing of Territorial Planning Documents in Irkutsk Region

Protasova Ekaterina, Department of Architecture of Irkutsk Region. Head

Regional Experience in the Formation of System Territorial Planning Documents

Tarasova Tatiana, Ministry of Construction of the Ulyanovsk Region. Acting Minister

Architecture Collection and Presentation Information in Electronic Form

Kovalenko Vladimir, Glonass. Advisor to Director General