XI All-Russian Forum
«Strategic Planning in the Regions and Cities of Russia»

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Stas Andrei,

Stas Marketing Group. Managing Partner

Shestopalov Andrey,

Council on National Competitiveness. Co-Chairman



Section Meeting
Place Branding for Tourist Industry


Tourism development in Russia today is a day agenda of the heads of cities and regions. Tourist flows not only provide additional revenues to the local budget, but also stimulate the small and medium business, create jobs, contribute to the activation of the population. Breakout session devoted to branding tourist cities - one of the most popular promotional tools today territory, successfully tested by thousands of cities around the world. Speakers from both the direct organs of municipal government, and professional marketing community, will talk about the theory and practice of branding tourist cities, and discuss with the participants of the specific problems and their solution.

Why Simply "Pretty Pictures" do not Work and How to Develop Tourism in Regions

Starov Mihail, Life Financial Group. Head of the Marketing Department of Territories

Tourism as New Vector of Old Industrial Cities and Regions Development

Borisov Eugene, Stas Marketing Group. Director / Government Consulting Practice

Using the Tools of Tourism Marketing in a Small Development on the Example of the Historic Town of Uglich

Maklakov Sergey, Administration of Uglich Municipality. Head

Country Wagga Project

Menshutkin Pavel, Bogoslovski Foundation. Chairman of Council of Trustees

Experience in Promoting Lviv as a Tourist Destination

Popovych Nataliya, LLC PRP. President

Experience in Promoting Lviv as a Tourist Destination

Sheremeta Pavlo, LLC PRP. Chairman and Group CEO, Eastern Europe and Central Asia Blue Ocean Strategy Regional Institute